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Clean 9 Days 6 to 9

Day 6

A simple Ratatouille is always a welcome treat and it’s packed full of veggies – the best thing about them is that you can choose the veggies that go into it! Every time we make it, we add a random selection of vegetables.

Pilates is a great way to stretch whilst exercising – much like Yoga – so again, I chose to do some relaxing Pilates.

Day 7

My energy levels were on a high but I’m not sure if that is a combination of the Clean 9 and my first shopping trip to Birmingham the next day or not!

I walk my dog so for exercise so we took a speed walk – or power walk – around our usual route. It was quite fun for both me and my little fur baby!

We had baked salmon, rice and steamed carrots for dinner which made for an interesting change – my youngest hadn’t tried salmon before so it was a new taste for him as well.

Day 8

The day had finally arrived and we were to visit Birmingham to go shopping. Now I’m not much of a fan of shopping but Birmingham Bullring is an amazing shopping experience! My exercise for was most definitely the amount of walking we did!

For lunch I had a super food salad at Jamie’s Italian and since I didn’t have my shake I have a small amount of buffet food from a party organised for my mother’s birthday when we returned from our shopping trip – mostly salad from the free foods list.

Day 9

A scrummy roast was on the cards tonight! I love a good Sunday roast even if it isn’t on a Sunday! I was quite happy to see there is ways of have a 600 calorie roast but to be honest, it isn’t much different to my usual roast as mine is always less calories than the boys anyway since large amounts of fat can leave me feeling quite unwell.

Another day of Pilates! I’m very addicted to this exercise at the moment, it really doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything but it certainly looks like I am since my body shape has changed so much.

Final Results!

This time round my mindset was much better which made me more determined to kick that extra weight. It turns out my extra pounds I couldn’t kick were in fact caused by not drinking enough water and from eating bread. Since the beginning of the Clean 9 I haven’t felt bloated at all which has been fantastic!

I lost about an inch from all the important parts and if I had put more effort into my exercise, i’m sure I would have lost a bit more too.

I feel absolutely great! Better than the first time round and more confident in myself. I will be continuing to drink the shakes as either a breakfast or a lunch as they have helped calm my odd digestive issues and made me feel lighter.

If you want to kick your own bum into action and reset your eating habits ready to exercise, I highly recommend getting the Clean 9. It’ll help you to begin controlling what you eat.

Until the next time, have a wonderful day x

Clean 9 days 6 to 9

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