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Be My Valentines + Freebie

First off, just for Valentines day, I know the image for this post isn’t consistent with my usual as I don’t usually use animals in post images but this one was too cute not to use! Ok, now that’s out the way let’s get back on track. It’s so strange how a year has passed already and it is almost that one day a year that we give our complete and utter attention to our partner in crime!

Valentine’s day feels like any other day for us as we make sure we give each other the love and attention we both need all year and not just for one day but, we do have a small celebration of how far we have come in the seven years we have been together – gosh that’s a long time.

Make sure you make time for your loved ones and take time to reflect on the distance you have travelled with the friends and family around you and find as much love in the world as you can <3


It celebration of Valentine’s day I’ve hand drawn a little Zentangle pen and ink drawing for you to download and colour in. I will be colouring this one myself and would love to see how you colour yours! Comment below with your version of colours for this zentangle artwork inspired by Valentines day.

Valentines day inspired zentangle artwork


Hope you have a great day x
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