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Spring Miniature Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is a wonderful addition to any garden and can be made up of your favourite flowers and items from your home. I’m not much of a gardener but under the guidance of my wonderful partner who has been gardening for 15 years, I thought a lovely little fairy garden would be a perfect place to start since it is small and manageable.

My Little Garden

Going to the garden centre, he was reluctant to help me pick out flowers as the garden is his domain but I think he enjoyed my interest in his greatest hobby really.

Fairy garden flowers and supplies

I picked out 5 Alpine flowers that wouldn’t take up too much space, two of which will grow between the other three and won’t get any higher than ground level. All of them work well in full sunlight which is an important factor to keep in mind when buying plants for your garden. They also range from 8cm to 25cm in height, not including the ground ones, to create a variation in my mini fairy garden. Throughout the winter, if all settles well, these plants will also stay green as they are ever-greens.











Fairy Garden

Before I started planting anything, the soil needed to be prepared. The pot had a few weeds in it but it also had a few plants already such as the Clematis climbing it’s way up behind the fairy village.

Soil preparation

You could probably find a lot of things around your home that would look beautiful among the flowers of your fairy garden. We found some beautiful blue and green glass pebbles to use as an added decoration which we used to create a blue stream through green grass.

First plants in and pretty blue and green pebbles

All flowers planted

The fairy was a gift to us from last June(2016). We lost a baby before we had a change to meet them which almost tore us apart. My soon to be mother-in-law gave us the fairy as a reminder of how much stronger our bond has become as a result of loosing what would have been our third child.

Finished fairy garden

I think of this as a lesson of how precious and fragile life can be and why it is so important that we live our lives happy. Whatever happy means to you. We are thankful that we are happy and healthy and are a stronger family. The fairy will remind us all of what life means to us.

Have a wonderful day!

Charmaine x

Spring miniature fairy garden

Close Ups and Offshoots

Glass pebble river

Fairy Village

Fairy overlooking her garden

Close view of the fairy village

Fairy's view of the garden

Flowers and glass pebble river

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