Coping With Loss

Although not a nice thing to write about, this is something that all of us have had to deal with at some point in our lives.

My older sister passed away 10 years today. She was my rock, my inspiration and the only one who really ‘got’ me when I was younger. It was so hard to say goodbye and even now I can still hear echoes of her calling my name out and glimpses of her face in my dreams. But from that day, I vowed to be better.

I’m not sure we ever truly get past the feelings of loss but, we do learn how to deal with them and see the brighter side of what those we have lost created in their time on this Earth.

She was a fashion designer. A pretty darn good one at that! She took to everything like a duck to water and absolutely threw herself at everything with, what seemed like, no fear. She seemed to have everything figured out, but of course, no one ever does. She was just a quick learner and got on with what life threw at her, even her cancer.

Never listen to those who tell you that you need to focus on one thing. My sister was a writer, an artist, a fashion designer and a real social bunny. She loved people and going to events, she was like my best friend – even though we fought sometimes like sisters do. She worked hard and inspires me to do the same.

“People come and go but the memories will always remain ~ Blissful Tiger”

Although I feel sadness in my heart for the loss of a sister, a best friend, a teacher and an inspiration. The inspiration and guidance she left behind have helped transform me from a shy little hermit who never liked going out, into a beautiful butterfly that loves to be social and make new friends.

My way of dealing with loss is to remember who the person was and the happiness they brought into our lives. There isn’t much to gain from focusing on the bad things because these people were so much more than the loss we feel when they have left us. The joy and happiness they brought to us are still living within us.

If you are trying to cope with losing someone close to you, please speak to someone you trust or seek professional help. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to start to heal. It does take time but, it will get better over time.

Much love, Charmaine x

Coping with loss.

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