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It’s Time for Change

The blog is changing! I like change. It is a chance for new beginnings and a chance to reflect on what was. I, like many others, have changed. As a unique individual, as a mother and as a business owner.

Over the last few years of blogging, I have loved writing and creating ideas and inspiration but there has been something missing. I have so many stories I want to share, so many ideas and things that I want to do but, I felt I was limiting myself to a strict type of writing and becoming bored with the idea of only writing those things. I was losing creativity and with it, my passion for life, beauty and creativity.

There are so many draft posts that have never been published because I felt they didn’t match my blog’s style. Since my recent blog post about being proud of who you are I have decided to be just that, proud of who I am.

I don’t plan on having a ‘schedule’ as such because for me personally, it feels limiting. I do, however, plan on writing more often about the things that I enjoy in life and health, wellbeing, fashion and beauty which in the future may turn into YouTube videos as well.

I’ve never been confident enough for makeup and fashion but, there is something about matching colours and finding hidden gems that fascinate me. There are lots of beauty products that I used daily that I would love to share and I’d like to do some book reviews as well as I read a lot. I’m also a painter and a techy geek and I love to help people set up their websites and blogs which are something I wasn’t sure was matching to the blog’s style.

So the blog is changing. I will write about the things that matter to me and my family and share little ideas, tips and stories to inspire and motivate.

There is no way of telling where this blog might go but, for me, it is a creative outlet. A hobby more than a job and I love being able to write about the things I enjoy and the wacky things my family get up to.

It feels exciting to accept change and hold myself accountable for what I have chosen to do! Have you had any moments like this? Share in the comments below.

Much love, Charmaine x

It's time for change.

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