Pregnancy Update 39 Weeks

It is a shame I did not write anything about my pregnancy other than having an SPD issue and how I manage it. I will write another post about how the weeks had gone because I have been writing down how I felt, what was going on etc. Since writing about this pregnancy(baby number 3) and SPD a lot has changed. The blog is changing as I grow into the person I want to be and so pregnancy, motherhood and pets will be something I will write about more often, as I have said in my previous post about the changes happening in my life and my blog.

My baby has grown a lot as she should. As a result of her growth and the growing boys running circles around my feet, managing the pain of the SPD can sometimes be quite hard. If you are pregnant yourself, you will know our only safe option for pain relief is Paracetamol as it is less likely to cause any major issue for the baby. Although hard, I do keep reminding myself that all of this is worth it once you hold your precious little one for the first time.

This pregnancy has been a true rollercoaster. It seems with every pregnancy something new is thrown into the mix. This, in an odd way, is good because I get to share my experience and help others who might be experiencing the same. And that, in my eyes, is a silver lining of a bad situation. I hope in the near future, I will be able to start a YouTube channel to document the things that have happened to me in my life and how I have overcome them. This will also be the perfect excuse to be more creative with various art projects and maybe even baking since I love to bake cakes and cookies.

Previous Pregnancies

Baby 1 was a perfect pregnancy. Although I gained a lot more weight for no reason and couldn’t shift it. My eating wasn’t bad, I walked every day and it did nothing. The pregnancy itself had no issues or complications and was smooth sailing. The weight I gained stayed there and wouldn’t budge though but, I think I got a bit lazy with it. The birth was quite difficult but this is for another day.

Baby 2 was different. I lost a good amount of weight and stayed steady from the off. The catch for this pregnancy was gestational diabetes which I will write a different post about to give you an idea of what that is like. It is a type of diabetes that comes with some pregnancies. My case of it wasn’t major but, I did have to take medication to keep my sugars down because even fruit and wholemeal bread would cause a massive spike. After the birth, I even lost a lot of weight and became the healthiest I’d ever been.

I had to be induced for this pregnancy and the birth was again quite difficult but, this also is for another post.

This Pregnancy

Baby 3 has been much, much different. All started off well. There were no issues with me or baby for the first trimester. The second trimester was mostly ok but half way through my hips, inner thighs and pelvis started to feel very painful. As I was sat at my desk at work each day, it was getting harder and harder to walk to the point that getting back to the car became a bigger task. After talking with my midwife she informed me that it was SPD and from there I needed crutches, pain killers and specific exercises designed to help ‘put’ the pelvis bone back into position.

I have since had a change in my SPD pain and managing it has become harder, which I will update the SPD post for. We were also worried for a time as our baby had dropped below the measurements she should have been. A week later, however, she had jumped back on track but is still classed as a ‘small baby’ so again, I will be induced for this baby too before the due date.

Not long after finding out about SPD and how to manage it, I was tested for the second time for gestational diabetes and this time I was just over by .1 and was found to have it. Luckily this time round it is diet controlled. This is something I will eventually Vlog about for the channel.

It doesn’t matter how previous pregnancies have gone as each one will be unique. If you’re worried, there are lots of health professionals that can help you through everything from low mood, to gestational diabetes and beyond.

Have you recently had a baby? Share how it went below! I’d love to meet some new mummy friends – and others.

Much love, Charmaine x

Pregnancy update 39 weeks

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