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5 Ways to Keep Healthy this Autumn

Bye bye summer and hello autumn! Today I looked at my food choices and realised how terrible they have become in just a couple of months. I’ve put together 5 of my top tips to keep yourself healthy as the nights become longer and the cold settles in.

Take Vitamins and Minerals

It took me ages to realise that I was missing certain vitamins and minerals in my diet. Although I have been eating a relatively healthy diet, I was still feeling out of energy and just felt like I needed to sleep all the time.

Vitamins and minerals are important to keep us at our best. Sometimes we lack just a bit of what we need which can easily throw us off balance and make us feel like a zombie that hasn’t slept in days – minus the eating flesh part, urgh! Some multivitamins have omega 3 in them whilst others don’t. I like to take mine separately so I can take the vitamins in the morning and the omega 3 in the afternoon to reduce the fishy taste that follows and save myself from having to take too many things at once.

Before I got pregnant I was drinking *Aloe Vera Gel for my digestive system and taking *Forever Arctic Sea alongside my everyday average multivitamin tablet from Tesco. I felt great and it really did change my life for the better. As I am breastfeeding though, I have chosen to stick to fish oil and multivitamins for now as I have to stop my lovely gel whilst pregnant.

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Eat Good Fat

I spent months taking out as much fat from my diet as possible to the point of eating rice, veg and small portions of chicken. Not a very varied diet. I had no idea what I should be eating or shouldn’t be eating. I was making myself sick with stress and anxiety of whether I could have a slice of cake at my sons birthday again or a biscuit that we baked. This is when I snapped out of it and thought ‘what the heck?! I’ve had enough, I’m eating what I want!’ and changed my mindset towards food and diet.

We don’t need to diet, we just need to eat better. This means having more veg on your plate than potato. Eating pudding after a good meal to promote a healthy balance whilst treating yourself rather than randomly between meals. And less snacking on sugary treats late night!

It’s hard though, right? Not if you have a plan to stick to. I love to make up recipes and most of my made up meals have fresh vegetables, a portion of meat or fish and something starchy like potatoes or pasta. It takes practice but it is worth it and it is so easy once you learn about spices and flavours.

Plan Ahead

Having a plan is an amazing relief! I never thought life could flow so brilliantly. With a plan in place, you’ll no longer need to think so hard or remember what you needed to do because the plan is right there waiting to be followed.

Making a plan is as simple as making a Pinterest board of the meals you want to make that week and stocking up on the ingredients needed. Pick around 5 meals per week and keep them as simple or as complicated as you like. We have 5 meals picked out since 2 days are already spoken for, a Sunday roast and Thursday spaghetti!

If you’re not into social media, grab a pad and get searching for the meals you might want. Pinterest can work well just for inspiration too, all you need is an account.

Go for a Walk

I’m not much of a jogger. My dog would love it if I were but I just don’t like going jogging or to the gym for that matter. I prefer to do light exercise and just watch what I eat.

Walking uses most, if not all, of the muscles in your body. If you turn it into a power walk, you’ve got yourself one easy was to walk the dog and exercise! I prefer walking because it gives me a chance to see the world and take pictures of it. It also gives me a better chance to think whilst I enjoy the scenery. It doesn’t require any equipment either, just you, trainers and a dog if you have one – they’ll love it and it’s healthy for them too.

autumn has started by sarahharas1 on DeviantArt

autumn has started by sarahharas1 on DeviantArt

Treat Yourself

You might think that by cutting out your favourite treats is the way to go with changing your eating habits to be more healthy but to always be good can have consequences. From experience, if you cut it out completely there is always a much higher risk that you will return to those foods once you reach your fitness goals. I like to take a different route, here is a few things worked for me.

  • Train yourself to only have your favourite treat after a good meal. For example, if you want a pizza from domino’s you probably shouldn’t have chocolate or ice cream afterwards.
  • Good meal, naughty meal. Salad for lunch, pasta for dinner – unless you’re exercising a lot then you may need it more anyway.
  • Have your treat right after a balanced meal. I find that chocolate isn’t processed the same if it is being digested with other foods rather than on its own. I could be wrong but it works for me.
  • Develop an ‘I can have it but I don’t want it’ mentality. This has stopped me from reaching for that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream so many times as I tell myself out loud ‘if you want but do you really want that?’

Looking after yourself is quite easy. The hard part is re-training your mind to think that way you want it to.

How do you keep yourself healthy in the colder weather?

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