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Perfect Planning for a Perfect Life and Business

Perfect planning for a perfect life, what does “perfect” mean anyway? We’ve all got to start somewhere and the one common place most of us fail at is the planning stage. To be honest I always felt overwhelmed at the thought of planning ahead because I put too much thought into the “what if something comes up” rather than focusing on the “what if this works out perfect” which most of the time it probably would.

So how do we plan for a perfect life and business?

First we Start Perfect Planning

First of all, we start. As I said previously, I stopped still from feeling too overwhelmed to plan just in case. If I had started by planning a small part of the bigger picture, I might have been a lot better at planning a lot sooner.

Even if motivation isn’t there, begin and you might find you start to enjoy putting all the puzzle pieces out in front of you. One step at a time is key.

Make a List

I’m not talking about a to-do list here, that will come later. Write a list of what you want to achieve and do. For example, if it is a party your planning for list out everything you need and want to do like party games, what food to get, drinks, party guests and venue.

A list will give you a better perspective of what you need to prepare for and how much planning is involved. It’ll also help with prioritizing on what needs doing first and so on.

Split that list into two. One list will be things that really don’t need doing right now or in the near future and the other will be everything that needs doing to reach your ultimate goals.

Set Careful Goals

Goal setting might seem like a big task when you’re not sure what you are meant to set as a goal. It does get easier the more you do it.

Setting goals creates focus and helps to shape the future in a way we can see the bigger picture. It gives us something to work for and towards. Goals for the future help us with the obstacles that may get in the way in our present and it helps us to decide where we want to be, when and how we might go about doing it.


Schedule Wisely

Scheduling is a very important part of perfect planning. If we make lists and set goals, we need to then schedule those things into our days. We only have so many hours in a day. Once you have prioritized your planning by making a list and setting goals for them it’s time to schedule them in to make sure you’ve got time to complete them in the day.

Here’s the wise part. Be careful not to add too many things to your schedule. Having fun should always be part of your day no matter what you need to do.

Write a To-Do List

The final part of perfect planning is another list! We’ve already got a list written out but this list will define what you should be working on during the day. Pick out three to five things from your bigger list so your day will feel more productive.

Try to mix up the harder tasks and easier ones so you keep a variety of challenge and interest in what you need to do.

Planning things out takes a lot of practice to master but anyone can do it. Sticking to them is where a lot of motivation is needed. It does get easier and becomes second nature the more you do what you need to rather than always doing what you feel like.

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