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6 Easy Tips to Help You Build Your Personal Brand

Ever got lost trying to figure out how to build your personal brand and business? It’s not hard to do but it does take a lot of time and effort to accomplish. For the past few weeks, I have been researching social media and how to use it effectively to build a community of like-minded people and so far it’s been going great.

Choose Platforms That Help Your Personal Brand

Before you go joining all the social media platforms, take a moment to think about where your audience will come from. Pick a few platforms to start with and get good at those platforms before adding more.

Becoming a master of a few platforms is better than being spread thin across many. I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram mostly with a hopes to start creating videos on YouTube once I know how – be sure to follow me for keeping up to date with my journey or just to chat and be friends! 

With so many social media platforms to choose from it can be overwhelming but just think about your audience and community you want to build and where they might hang out most. As a photographer, Instagram has got to be my favourite of all social media platforms with Facebook being my least favourite but I’m still learning about it and I’ll share with you what I learn along the way.

It’s a good idea to be sure about the social media accounts you are willing to put time and effort into and to be the most productive you can on them. I recommend learning one at a time so you can understand the differences between them all. As an example, Instagram uses pictures a lot more than Twitter does and both these platforms use hashtags differently as well.

Define Your Passions

Think for a moment. Who are you inside? A lot of us be the people we are expected to be and never really embrace who we truly are.

However, before you can work out what your defining passions you need to know the real you. Not the you that you think you have to be. Your passions are things you enjoy. They could be fishing, being a parent, drawing and painting or photography. A passion can be just about anything you can think fo that you really enjoy doing.

Once you’ve defined your passions. Get sharing on social media. If you find a video you really enjoyed that is linked to your passions, share it on one or more of your chosen platforms and let people know what you enjoy.

By doing this, you will attract the people that match your interests and build a community of others that enjoy spending time reading your posts, watching your videos or reading what you have to say on your social media platforms.

Friends Come First

Building a business is great fun but sometimes we can forget that building a relationship with our community is a bigger part of building a business. Noone likes to be sold a product or service especially by a stranger they’ve never met, so get to know your audience. Take some time to learn about them and their needs, what they like and dislike and more importantly who they really are.

Personally, I would choose to buy from a friend that I can trust because I’ve built a relationship with them and know who they are.

Always Be Yourself

If you take the time to be who you really are and not who you are expected to be you’ll find others that have the same views.

Always be your best self, even if you’re not feeling it. Posting your happiest moments on social media will attract the people that are more likely to want to join your community. No one wants to read about depressing moments unless they have a happy ending.

Building a personal brand reflects you as a person so it is important that you act in the way that you want your brand to be seen.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Do you spend hours on social media? I know I did but now I try to prioritize certain things online so that I don’t spend all my time looking through my facebook wall or through Twitter. Instead, I set a time for it and do those things at those times of the day.

Multitask where you can. For example, watching Youtube videos and typing up your next blog post. I do this all the time and I’m usually watching vlogs that last a while as inspiration for where I am heading in my business.

Be sure to leave yourself time to recharge. For me, I need this quite often as I am an introvert and my energy can quickly run out if I don’t take care of myself properly. Take a few moments every day for yourself. Do things you love such as for me, I will sit a read for 30 minutes while sipping a lovely fresh cup of tea.

Motivate and Inspire

The best way to learn anything in life is to teach it. I have young children who I try and inspire every day with stories, paintings and using their imagination.

Everything I do I hope to inspire and motivate people to do what they want to do and as a result, I learn a lot more in return. There is a reason I chose my tagline to be “Shine like the star you are” and that reason is that I know that all of us have greatness within us that just needs a push to shine.

Go out into the world and spread inspiration and motivate others to be themselves because we only live once. Once is all we need to make a difference.

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Have a wonderful day.

Charmaine x

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