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My name is Charmaine and I’m a web/graphic designer and lifestyle blogger based in the UK.

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Design, Business and Lifestyle


Everything we choose to do for our businesses starts as a learning curve and usually someone’s blog to find the information!

From SEO and social media to creating a brand and website.


Design is at the heart of everything.

From patterns to websites, you’ll find everything you need to either start designing your own graphics and sites or find resources to use.


From fitness to baking, we all need a little inspiration every now and then.

Lifestyle is how you choose to live whether it be a fitness instructor, traveller or even a mother with tips to share. We all have a ‘lifestyle’ what’s yours?

About Blissful Tiger How It All Started

Blissful Tiger was created back in 2015 as a creative outlet for a mum on a mission to re-ignite her true passions and live the life she’d always dreamed of. With an added pinch(or bucket load) of creativity and wellness.

I believe it’s essential to invest in your wellbeing and creativity in order to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction. It’s this belief that guides the blog, including services and teachings learnt along the way.

My focus and mission is to help others improve their creativity and wellbeing and mentor all to create a brand and website that they truely love.

Have a true passion that you want to get out there? Great! Let’s talk.

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